Integrated Wellsite Data Management

Wellsite Data Solutions

What We Do

About Wellsite Data Solutions

We are an oilfield software company with our main office located in Hong Kong and subsidiaries in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore. Our software applications are focused primarily on operators, their partners and service companies.

Our History

Wellsite Data Solutions was established in 2009 and primarily focuses on the design & development of software applications for upstream oil & gas operators, their partners and oilfield service companies. In addition we also work closely with oilfield recruiting agencies.

With a proven track record of 100% customer retention, and the successful acquisition of our key products back in 2014 our management & dedicated team know we’re onto a winning formula.

Who We Are

We’re a group of experienced oilfield and IT personnel that are focused on building the best and most secure software solutions for the industry. By keeping the management & team small we can be efficient, quick to address issues, and can connect with our clients on a more friendly & personal level.

Our key aim is to design software that is user intuitive and requires none to very little training. In fact, when we have done in-house training it’s been for no more than 1 hour.

Passion leads to software design, software design leads to performance, performance leads to cost savings!

Integrated Wellsite Data Management

Our Service

Web-based software means no software or hardware installation or issues!Wellsite Data Solutions

We offer web-based software for operators, their partners and service companies. We aim to address issues on how to lower costs and improve efficiency on rigs and platforms, as well as on tenders, MOPU’s, FSOs and other oilfield related facilities.

Our key management are still active in the upstream sector and are aware of the challenges and issues about drilling & workover operations, platform activities, logistics, personnel, safety, etc.

Our software is built to streamline workflows, identify areas that can be improved, minimise downtime and ultimately reduce costs.

In addition, our software helps to identify potential legal and financial liabilities and ensure the operator (and service company if required) comply with their corporate and local regulatory body requirements.

We are very happy and excited to announce at the start of Q3 2015 we will be launching our new web-based software platform, together with our first application. We are planning to launch on a regular basis (every few months) new applications that are hosted through this platform.

We Offer 24 Hour Real-Time Chat Support. Contact us any time with any question…Wellsite Data Solutions

 Using customised oilfield software helps to streamline workflows, integrate data and reduce overall costs

Integrated Wellsite Data Management


We aim to design software to be very simple and straight-forward to use. We make each application easy to navigate through - no menu's or hidden features. We understand the oilfield is made up of a wide age range and with that comes a wide range of IT skill levels, with that in mind we design every software application to be as easy as possible to use.

We primarily focus on the design and development of web-based software, but have experience with desktop and mobile software applications.

We design, we build, we support.
You use, you become efficient, you save costs.
Together we’re happy!

Integrated Wellsite Data Management

Our Plans

With our key aim of designing & developing the best possible oilfield software, coupled with offering superior support we are attempting to bring to the upstream oil & gas sector: cheaper, more reliable and user-friendly software solutions.

With the roll out of our new platform in Q3 of 2015, and our expansion plans into Africa, Europe and North America in 2016 our growth will always be carefully managed to ensure our products, services and support will remain first-class.

At the same time we are exploring innovative ways to integrate wellsite information: from data entry, to digging into this data through in-depth analysis and visualisation, whilst at the same time ensuring the software is easy to use.

Integrated Wellsite Data Management